What is Traditional Chinese Massage Therapy?

Practitioners of Traditional Chinese medicine believe the flow of “qi” (body energy) and blood must continuously flow to prevent stress and disease. For thousands of years, these practitioners have developed a variety of related bodywork therapies, including acupuncture, acupressure, and Chinese massage. The practitioners of Traditional Chinese healing arts manipulate the meridian system (inner energy points and pathways) to encourage the flow of “qi” (body energy) and blood throughout the body. The balance of “qi” by clearing energy pathways is called “jing luo” of blockages. These blockages are believed to be the cause of pain and disease. Chinese massage practitioners identify pathways with limited flow and use hand pressure to restore balance and energy circulation. Today, therapists practice Chinese massage all over the world. Western clients enjoy the mental and physical benefits of this practice, including stress relief and musculoskeletal realignment. Chinese massage practitioners typically focus on the therapeutic benefits of massage, as opposed to the Western model of stress relief and relaxation. Chinese massage therapists address and balance their clients’ entire holistic health, not just specific symptoms.

How long does a treatment last?

Sessions are offered in 30, 60, and 90-minute appointments. Two (2) hour sessions are available. Your individual needs will determine the length of session time you need to book.

What happens during a treatment?

For the first time only please arrive 10 – 15 minutes early to go over your confidential new client form. After your session, you may want to discuss what was discovered during the massage/bodywork. Please allow a few minutes after your session just in case. You may wish to talk during your session or remain silent; either way is fine.

What do I wear?

For a full body massage, most people remove all clothing with the exception of your underwear (panties or briefs); massage is performed directly on the skin so it is recommended you are prepared. Ultimately your treatment will be more effective and beneficial if the therapist is able to easily work with all the muscles and attachments and it is therefore recommended that you are prepared to have your skin bare. You will always be covered by a sheet and/or blanket except for the area being worked on; there are never any private areas exposed. As a therapist, we are trained to provide specific draping for all body parts so you may be comfortable and relaxed during your session. Only the body part being massage will be undraped. Once the massage is finished on the specific body part, the drape will be returned to cover.

Will the massage be painful?

Therapeutic massage works on adhesions and trigger points. During the course of the massage it is likely that some areas of tension, muscle adhesion, and trigger points will be discovered. When working with these areas it can sometimes be a little tender or sore which can sometimes be a little uncomfortable. The therapist will always check-in after beginning the massage and initially warm-up the muscles and ask how the pressure is? At this time you will indicate the pressure is just right or that I may go deeper or you would prefer for the pressure to be lighter. As each part of our body can take more pressure than the other, it is important for us to communicate with each other throughout the session. Please know that you are in control of your session. The therapist will sometimes guide your breathing, as there is a natural tendency for the breath to be held when tight muscles are being worked on and being released. Once you are a regular client seeking regular treatment the therapist will begin to know your preference of pressure. Sometimes you may feel some soreness for a day or so after the treatment, if this is the case, don’t worry this is quite common, more so after your first treatment, but should only be a slight tenderness and will ease over 24 to 48 hours.

Do you use oil or cream?

The therapists at Miracle Massage Therapy prefer to use a cream for all therapeutic sessions. The cream gives a better grip where oil creates too much glide, which lessens the ability to palpate the individual muscle groups being worked on. As well cream does not stain the clients’ clothes and allows clients to be comfortable going back to their daily routine of work, errands, etc. without the worries of staining clothes or feeling greasy and uncomfortable.

Why is it important to drink water after a massage?

There are primary reasons for people to drink water after a massage. Toxins are released during a massage. It is important to drink water 24 hours post massage to help the body flush the toxins that were released during your session. This will also help to lessen and/or relieve soreness. Especially in the case of deep tissue massage, massage stimulates circulation in the body while expressing water, salt, and other minerals from the muscles, and circulation is designed to carry away waste materials generated by cells. By providing the body with plenty of water, massage clients can help flush out these toxins; otherwise, they might build up, causing muscle aches and soreness after a massage. Most importantly, people should drink water after a massage because massage can be dehydrating. The manipulation of the muscles depletes them of water and also moves the fluid in the interstitial spaces between the muscles around. By drinking water, people can rehydrate their muscles, reducing the potential for pain and soreness in the days following a massage. For the same reason, people drink water after exercise and other forms of exertion, because when the muscles are worked, they lose water and electrolytes.

How often should I have a massage?

Everybody is different. Depending on what is going on this would be assessed during our first session. This decision is up to you and what you hear your body telling you. Remember massage is not a luxury; just as you provide regular maintenance on your car, the body too needs to be regularly maintained.

Do you play music?

There is normally gentle soothing music being played to help you relax during your session so you can take the time you need for yourself; body, mind, and soul. Miracle Massage Therapy uses an inner office sound system with an eclectic selection of music to suit all needs.

Do you do home visits?

No. Home visits are not offered at this time.