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Chinese massage dates back over 4000 years in traditional Chinese medicine. Considered a primary treatment modality, Chinese massage is based on the concept of meridians and the flow of energy or “Qi” in the human body. It shares commonalities with both acupuncture and qigong (therapeutic exercise). Unlike Western versions of massage, pampering and relaxation are not the intended goals of the treatment. Holistic in its practice and philosophy, Chinese massage addresses the entire being and not just the physical body.

According to Chinese Medicine, by regularly clearing toxins from the body, particularly from the joints, back, neck and shoulders, external pathogens are prevented from establishing a foothold, thereby reducing the likelihood of serious illness further down the line.

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LEB Consultation/Therapy

A “black belt” level LEB therapist provides an LEB session and takes the time to assess the areas of blocked meridians, organs with low “Qi”, Turbid air (or “wind”), and acid-base balance of the body. After the assessment the therapist will discuss the findings with you and suggest a treatment plan.

This session is normally recommended for new clients to LEB therapy.

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LEB Healing Therapy

This treatment works on/with the Meridians and the Acid-Base (Alkaline) levels of the body based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the related therapies.

Life Energy Balance (LEB) Therapy, developed by Manyi Wang, is a therapeutic modality of massage used to treat and prevent disease. It is a combination (based on Chinese Medicinal Principle), of Trigger Point, Meridian and Bio-Electricity Technology.

The healing energy of a low electrical current passing through the trained clinician and into the client and the healing herbs infused in the body cream help the body restore balance and energy circulation. The balance of “qi” enable the body to obtain optimum health.
The LEB therapy provides the benefits of acupuncture (without the needles), body massage, scraping, and cupping and is safe, reliable and painless.

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Chinese Fire Cupping

We perform what is referred to as “fire cupping”. This is the ancient practice of using jars which are attached to the skin surface through negative pressure developed by warming the air inside the special jar using a burning torch. The negative pressure causes a local congestion. This form of stimulation warms and promotes the circulation of energy and blood, expels pathogens, detoxifies the body, and disperses swelling & pain.
WARNING: Cupping does leave round red marks on the skin that disappear in a few days to a few weeks depending on your present health condition … these marks are not a bruse and do not result in pain.

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Chinese Meridian Brush

Meridian brush therapy stimulates the meridians (energetic system that connects directly to our organs) and thus helps to revitalize our whole body. It helps to encourage the lymphatic system which aids detoxification, reduces stagnant fat deposits (cellulite) that have accumulated just beneath the skin, stimulates the nervous system and activates muscle fibers and improves muscle tone, and relieves stress. This brush in the trained hands of our therapist, helps your body to function optimally and heal faster.

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LEB Herbal Balm

The balm is warmed to become malleable and is then applied to the skin at the selected area. The balm is the carrying agent for the Chinese medicinal herbs.

The healing herbs help to open meridians (increase “Qi”), eliminate toxins by addressing acid-base balance of the body/skin and promote increased circulation (both blood, lymph and Qi), and a boost to the immune system. The herbal balm helps to alleviate muscle cramps, enhances skin metabolism, and helps to clear inflammation.

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