Manyi (Maggie) Wang

Maggie (Manyi) was born in China and has lived in USA for over 10 years. Maggie developed the Life Energy Balance (LEB) therapy based on her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Massage (TCM) modalities, meridians, trigger points and advanced training in Hualin Acid-Base Bio-Electric therapy. LEB therapy has proven to be very beneficial to 100’s of her clients. This unique therapy has assisted self-healing of injuries (both recent and over 10 years earlier).

Maggie’s dedication to helping people live their lives with no or greatly reduced pain, lead her to develop the LEB therapy beginning in 2016. It began as she was looking for a new career due to the pain her body was feeling from the years of professional massage therapy work. While visiting her home in China, she experienced a Hualin Acid-Base Bio-Electric therapy treatment. Within two one-hour treatments her own body pain was gone!

Laurel Adams

Laurel has been part of the staff of Miracle Massage Therapy since 2018. She loves being a massage therapist because it’s the best outlet for her need to care for others. Helping each person obtain a better quality of life; either pain free or a reduced level of pain is very important for her. Working in the sharing environment of Maggie and other TCM skilled therapist has given Laurel an understanding of Qi and meridians to assist the holistic healing and enabling our body’s natural healing.

Laurel is a “people” person which makes her a good listener but she also values a time of silence for introspective thoughts. She makes your visit a time for “you”.

Yun (Helen) Qiu

Helen was born in China and has lived in the USA for over 10 years. We are very pleased that she is back at Miracle Massage Therapy after taking a few years to focus on her family needs. Her massage and bodywork skills came with her from China and have been honed to perfection after years of peer coaching/sharing and continued education. Her therapy sessions can include a melody of Ashiatsu (walking on the back), Fire Cupping, Hot Stone, Gua Sha (scraping), Trigger Point, and Swedish Therapies.

Helen believes in avoiding the use of drugs to manage pain thus, her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Massage (TCM) modalities, meridians, and trigger points, enables her clients to enjoy a quality of life so they can play their best and be their best