Theory of LEB Therapy

This therapy is NEW to the USA …

It is not Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machine

It is not Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Therapy (PEMT) machine

A.                 Acupuncture vs. LEB

  • This treatment works on/with the Meridians and the Acid-Base (Alkaline) levels of the body based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the related therapies.
  • Life Energy Balance (LEB) Therapy was developed by Manyi Wang is a therapeutic modality of massage used to treat and prevent disease. LEB therapy is based on a treatment advanced in China by the Hualin company referred as DDS therapy.
  • It is a combination (based on Chinese Medicinal Principle), of Trigger Point, Meridian and Bio-Electricity Technology. The DDS Massager (FDA Reviewed and CE Certified) generates a healing electrical energy (low low frequency, low low voltage and low low current) which passes through the trained clinician’s body (from foot to fingertip) and into the client’s body at the points where the clinician’s fingers touch the client.
    • The special herbal infused cream used as part of the therapy, provides selected herbs which are absorbed and penetrate to muscle layer and internal organ layers.
    • These herbs may be assisted by the addition of additional Chinese healing herbs infused oils (depending of the needs of the client) to assist the body in adjusting the pH (acid- base) of the body area where the therapy is being applied.
    • The proper pH of the body encourages the flow of “qi” (body energy) and blood throughout the body without the use of drugs.
  • Together the low electrical current, regulated by the trained clinician, and the selected herbs from the cream restore balance and energy circulation. The balance of “qi” enables the body to obtain optimum health.
  • The LEB therapy provides the benefits of acupuncture (without the needles), body massage, scraping and cupping and is safe, reliable and painless.

B.                 Herbs and LEB

The herbs infused in the cream used during the LEB are the some of the same herbs used for thousands of years in China.  There are different herbs used for treating different symptoms.

C.                 Wind and LEB

The clinician is trained to use the unique bioelectric therapy to assist the body to release the “Wind” or “Turbid Air”.

D.                 How Does it Work?

  • There are three (3) pads used; two (2) pads are of the same electrical potential and the third pad is of the opposite electrical potential.
    • The 2 pads of the same electrical potential, are wetted using water and directly touching the client’s body; either on the buttocks or stomach area.
    • The third pad of the opposite electrical potential is on the floor covered by a wet cotton towel.
  • The certified clinician regulates the energy (current flow) by moving their feet on the wet towel covering the electrical pad on the floor.
  • The Certified clinician first clears the main Meridians on the clients back by passing the tips of their fingers up and down the Main Meridian (Du) and four (4) UB Meridian Channels on the clients back.
  • Once the main Meridians are clear the Certified clinician will then work on the areas of most concern to the client. The Certified clinician will focus their finger tips or use the open palms of their hands to transfer the healing energy to the client.
  • The change in the Acid-Base (pH or Alkaline) level of the client’s body is supported by using the Plant Series (herbal enriched) Suan Jian Ping massage cream.
  • The combination of herbal enriched massage cream with the low frequency, low current LEB therapy, assists the client’s body to obtain a condition within the body that promotes better energy flow, rejuvenation, and healing.
    • The Certified clinician may choose from different creams (B1, B7, B11) depending on the needs of the client and the area of the body to be treated.
    • Different creams have different combinations of herbs to promote an acid-base balance (alkaline balance) within the client’s body.
  • It is published that the client’s body will absorb 20% of the herbs naturally and 70% of the herbs with the addition of the Bio-Electric current during treatment.
  • The clinician may also add specific essential oils to the massage cream to further enhance the Acid-Base (pH or Alkaline) level of the client’s body.
  • All together the special massage cream and the LEB therapy encourages the flow of “qi” (body energy) and blood throughout the body without the use of drugs and support a healthy immune system thus allowing the client’s body to heal itself.
  • The healing process is called “detoxing” and is the body’s natural way to remove blockage in the Meridians.
  • The treatment always includes the releasing of “wind” which is the theoretical basis for traditional medicines to treat various diseases.


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