Looking for self-employed Florida licensed, professional massage therapist living in or near Naples, FL. We offer a clean work environment, healthy family values, drama-free office culture, focused on improving the quality of life for our clients and ourselves. We prefer our therapist to be a healing massage therapist and we offer the opportunity to learn our unique modality we call Life Energy Balance (LEB) therapy. LEB therapy has been developed by Manyi Wang and is an advanced version of the acid-base and bio-electrotherapy developed in China in the beginning of this century.

We offer above average pay scale, unique learning center for LEB therapy, and flexible hours. We have proven that LEB therapy can be taught and has been learned and is being practiced by our second qualified LEB practitioner here at Miracle Massage Therapy. This is a long-term opportunity for the right person and a learning opportunity for selected practitioners to own their own Hybrid Healing Center. Miracle Massage Therapy created the term “Hybrid Healing Center” which may only be used when a licensed practice has incorporated the healing modalities of LEB therapy and LEB Herbal Balm treatments.

Here at Miracle Massage Therapy, we believe that the human body can heal itself when provided the right conditions. Our treatments are based on Traditional Chinese Body Work to clear blocked meridians (trigger points), increase the flow of Qui, release Turbid Air, and detox of the body. Manyi Wang has developed an integrated practice that has helped her clients heal themselves from long-term injuries and health issues. We are now ready to teach selected therapist this proven therapy. Please refer to our website to read more about the healing services we offer.

Please contact Manyi Wang or her husband, Brent Turner for more information. Send your resume to pbrent.turner@gmail.com.