Why I Practice Life Energy Balance TherapyA brief background and introduction to my goal of providing Life Energy Balance (LEB) Therapy: Miracle Massage Therapy is a Hybrid Healing Center. This is a new term coined by me, Manyi Wang. I, Maggie (my English name), opened Miracle Massage Therapy, in Naples, Florida in March of 2015. I was born and raised in Shenyang, China, and immigrated to America in 2009. My culture and desire to help people feel better through bodywork and diet have guided my choice of career. I was introduced to the Haulin DDS Bio-electric Massager in 2016 and I am qualified by Haulin to teach students how to use/perform the bio-electric therapy. Because of my years of practice, I have advanced basic DDS Bio-electric therapy to a higher level of treatment, and I call it “Life Energy Balance (LEB)Therapy”. In the larger sense of the universe, few people understand, really understand the many different levels that our bodies are integrated. I continue to discover and develop an understanding of our bodies. My current quest is to understand the innate intelligence of our bodies and how it directs our self-healing.

A little over 300 years ago, Western cultures developed a reliance on scientific principles to explain all things. This has been good for many advancements, but it has resulted in a fixation on the physical world and physical body that can be touched, cut open, dissected, measured, and counted. And most well-funded research has excluded the benefit of or the relationship of our bodies and the sea of energy that we exist within; our world and universe. Therefore, what has been explained via accepted scientific principles is considered “mainstream” and everything else is “alternative”. As new scientific tools are developed to enable humans to measure and count the world around us, our knowledge and understanding become greater and greater. Unfortunately, so much is driven by greed or profit and not for the good of mankind, that little has been done to develop tools to measure the non-physical world. But we can be hopeful that things we know today as alternatives may be mainstream tomorrow! Our living body consumes energy. Our bodies assimilate energy from food, water, and air. Within Western cultures’ (the scientifically proven) channels of moving energy within the body are the cardiovascular system and the nervous system and thus is the focus of mainstream treatments for ill health. Observing energy using scientific tools (instruments) available today has allowed us to measure and compare sound waves, light waves, heat waves, and radiation or particles.

In addition to the flesh and bone of our bodies and without questioning religion, I believe we have inherent intelligence and energy. Limited by todays technologies, it is difficult measure this energy and thus there is incomplete mainstream understanding. I would like to address the vibrational energy of the body and include the local environment (or pH) of cells of the body. Vibrational energy is difficult to measure but can is said to be affected by many different treatments such as heat, cold, laser, sound, bio-electric, Rieke (or other healing hands), and light. My current belief through observation of the results from treatments I have performed using Life Energy Balance (LEB) therapy, is that healing is occurring within the bodies of my clients.

The LEB therapy has been able to help so many different symptoms of my clients. Based on my observation and consequent from the combined knowledge of many people before me, I will try to explain what I believe to be happening: (1) opening meridians by clearing the trigger points, (2) adding energy to the body in the region of the meridians to “boost” cellular activity, (3) assist the body to become less acidic (by using herbs during the treatment) and allow the body to detox and (4) thus begin a self-healing.

Anything that adds energy (at the right frequency) to our body is good and can help a person heal. But I believe in an integrated approach of letting the body’s innate intelligence and Qi heal the body in the manner it was originally intended is the best approach.


Our primary goal is to help you heal and enjoy long term freedom of pain and discomfort. Our desire is for you to leave our office with a memorable and gratifying experience, which is why our welcoming and compassionate staff will do everything they can to make you feel right at home.

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